CSF provides corporate advisory, incorporation and management services for Swiss entities. While serving as board members we exercice best practice approach as to Swiss corporate governance. Day-to-day management is driven by efficiency in compliance with Swiss legislation.

We listen carefully to the business objectives of our clients in order to fully understand their needs and expectations. Upon in-depth assessment and subsequent approval of a common strategy we engage and fully commit to render corporate management services on behalf of  our clients.

Our corporate services for legal entities include full incorporation, provision of board members with management functions, domiciliation services as well as corporate governance including organizing of statutory and ad-hoc board and shareholder meetings.

We further take an active management role when it comes to day-to-day support such as opening of bank accounts, payment services, transaction due diligence and compliance, legal drafting and review as well as general secretarial services.

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Corporate Management

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We seek to provide our clients with comprehensive corporate financial data through periodic management reporting. Accurate financial information will give the board of directors and senior management indispensable tools for short, medium or long-term decision-making. 

Our accounting team provides a complete range of services from setting up specific management accounts including costs centers, day-to-day bookkeeping through interim and annual closing work as well as the preparation of annual financial statements according to the Swiss Code of Obligation, Swiss GAAP FER. We may also support group companies with reconciliation to be in line with other accounting standards (FER, IFRS).

As a commodity trading company whether in crude oil, petrochemicals, soft commodities or metals, you may require additional operational support such as invoicing services and stock accounting. As such we set up customized processes from order confirmation to final invoicing and provide your sales representatives with daily updated information on stock positions and accounts receivables through CSF Direct™, part of CSF Online Services. As far as payment authorization for supplier invoices are concerned, CSF Pay™ allows smart online approval of all accounts payables  wherever you are.

We further provide budget control and monitoring as well as support you in financial and liquidity planning.

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Accounting & Reporting

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Efficient handling of statutory tax filings or reclaims is granted by members of our tax team. When requested by our clients we advice in specific areas such as tax rulings, international tax treaties or transfer pricing.

We will assure the preparation and timely submission of annual corporate tax filings as well as quarterly VAT returns with relevant tax authorities on cantonal and federal level. All subsequent tax assessments are examined accurately and where deemed necessary we shall prepare a relevant tax appeal against such assessment.

In case of dividend distribution based on shareholder decision we will expedite any withholding tax filings, pay the relevant withholding tax but also assist in reclaims where necessary.

We may also work on request to obtain specific tax rulings, review current or advice on planned shareholding in respect to international double tax treaties or prepare analysis reports regarding transfer pricing issues.

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Tax Compliance

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Human resources executives are increasingly inundated with national and international regulations and laws and faced with mounting challenges.

Our experienced staff is familiar with the regulatory environment in Switzerland and can effectively assist with the drafting of employment contracts, the registration of employees for social welfare benefits contracts and obtain accident and long-term sickness coverage.

We subsequently make salary calculations and process salary payments on a monthly basis, file periodic withholding tax declarations where applicable and cater for a timely provision of annual social security declarations as well as prepare employee salary statements for tax purposes.

We also provide consultancy and general advice regarding Swiss social security and tax at source as well as prepare company specific staff and expense regulations for subsequent approval by cantonal tax authorities.

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Payroll Services

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