CSF offers a broad range of fully integrated tax services and tax counseling for private clients as well as corporates in Switzerland. Observing international tendencies is crucial for effective tax planning work. A path we pursue meticulously while working on behalf of our clients.

Corporate tax legislation is getting more complex these days and it is subject to ongoing changes. Our goal is to support and guide our clients through these challenges.

In respect to taxation for Swiss companies we advice as far as special tax regimes are concerned, perform tax comparison among Swiss cantons and work out tax rulings with relevant tax authorities.

We may further perform tax due diligence on existing or planned structures, engage in tax planning in case of corporate restructuring (mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs) and review and implement finance structures. We also advice in the area of withholding tax for expats when being employed by a Swiss employer.

Finally we shall efficiently take care of annual corporate tax filings, review relevant assessments, communicate effectively with relevant tax authorities and file appeals where necessary.

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Corporate Tax

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Although virtually every company pays value added tax (VAT) it is probably the most individual type of tax. The basic system of VAT payments made by companies may appear relatively simple, but poor VAT management can place a burden on a company’s finances and should be clearly avoided.

Our consulting services include general advice on Swiss VAT and handling of specific VAT issues.  We also act as VAT fiscal representative.

Furthermore we provide tax compliance services  including the preparation and filing of quarterly VAT returns, performing VAT reviews and assisting in VAT audits conducted by the Federal tax authorities.

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Value Added Tax

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Numerous international tax issues can only be solved by looking at the task not only from one side of the border but also from the other side. Once a structure has been approved ongoing compliance has to be observed as international tax legislation and jurisprudence may evolve in the future.

We advice in the area of applying Swiss tax treaties, consult on tax at source and refund claims as well as engage in tax efficient structuring of international group companies.

In respect to trading companies particular attention should be given to transfer pricing issues where goods and services are sold between controlled or related entities within a group of companies. We effectively review and advice on proposed business models from a transfer pricing aspect. We shall also advice on latest international developments to be taking into account.

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International Tax

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The number of situations and particular circumstances individuals may be faced with are endless. As such client requirements are always unique and shall be given individual attention.

We propose integrated tax planning for individuals and business owners,  in particular in respect to change of domicile, acquisition of real estate, succession planning but also inheritance and gift planning.

For international clients planning to move to Switzerland with their families we advice on lump-sum taxation, perform tax comparisons among Swiss cantons and give tax support in relation with the purchase and sale of real property.

From a tax compliance perspective we prepare and file individual tax returns, review assessments, communicate with relevant tax authorities and file appeals where necessary.

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