Through CSF's Family Office desk we advise clients and their families on protecting and realising value in companies, organisations & specialist assets. We provide discreet wealth advisory expertise from wealth building to -transfer safeguarding family wealth through generations.

We assist our clients in all areas of wealth structuring, -protection and -transfer.

From a wealth structuring perspective we focus on selecting most suitable asset managers and define, together with our clients the respective strategic asset allocation. As a matter of independence we do not act as asset managers.

On the level of the subsequent implementation and ongoing supervisory function we take on review and control execution as well perform consolidation, risk assessment and performance evaluation tasks. The analysis is based on a state-of-the-art reporting on the client’s wealth.

From an asset protection perspective we take on advisory functions as far as legal structuring, tax compliance and review as well as family governance and wealth transfer consideration are concerned.

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Wealth Planning

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A robust governance framework is essential for sustaining family wealth through successive generations. We help families stay united behind a common vision for the continuity of their wealth, their values and their businesses.

Dealing in today’s challenging economic frame-set has become a more complex endeavor. We help families in establishing a common family protocol which sets up ground rules, assist in performing review, control and supervisory functions of operating family businesses either indirectly in a shadow control function or directly in a role as board members.

In terms of corporate strategy, business expansion and financing requirements for family companies we identify suitable partners and provide consultancy and advisory to families.

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Family Governance

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When organic growth does not satisfy the needs of family business’ stakeholders, or disposal of non-core assets has become a priority, comprehensive M&A advisory is of crucial importance.

We provide active sell- and buy-side support such as scouting, market research, valuation analysis as well as due diligence performance and negotiations on behalf of the family.

As far as direct investments are concerned we support our clients in the entire investment process. Our investment focus is on scalable businesses, with strong management and a sustainable long-term USP.

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Transaction Advisory

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Many families require assistance in area of immigration as well as education. In order to cater for this need we work  with  trusted  specialists  and  service providers to deliver solutions in these areas.

The portfolio of work permit as well as residency solutions we may obtain on behalf of individual and family members include short term work permits, permanent residencies,  interns and students permits and solutions for trainee, postgraduates or cross-border commuters.

In the field of education we work effectively to manage relationships with families and educational stakeholders including registrars, headteachers and bursars in matters of initial consultations, academic assessments, private tuition, school selection, visits and administration.

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Auxiliary Services

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